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First published April 2017

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On a random September night, seventeen-year-old Logan Green falls victim to a fatal car crash.

And then he wakes up.

Logan discovers that he has become trapped in purgatory, a shadowy realm that exists somewhere in the void between heaven and hell. Here, there's no black and white, no right or wrong, only a perpetual gray area. One of the souls Logan encounters is Grace, a beautiful girl with bright red curls and a dark past. Logan also enters into the service of Ahregal, a yellow-eyed demon who spends his eternity capturing souls and then auctioning them off to the highest bidder.

As Logan grows closer with Grace, he begins to question the integrity of his service to the demon Ahregal. And, as he soon discovers, there's more to his death than meets the eye. There might just be a way for him to escape the dark and foreboding cityscape of purgatory—but only if he's willing to lose all that he's gained in his life after death.


The Inhuman Chronicles #5
First published April 2015

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I’m still in New York, but not for a vacation—I’m in hiding from certain members of the paranormal Council, all of whom want me dead. And to make the situation even more complicated, I’m sharing a set of rooms with a vampire, a witch, a shifter, a zombie, and my newfound dad. 

But arguments about leaving the toilet seat up are the least of my concerns right now, because, like I said, I’m at the top of the Council’s most-wanted list. There’s even a bounty out for my head—and whether or not my head remains attached to my body isn’t exactly a priority. 

It’s all up to me now. The fate of the entire human race hinges on the choices I make today, and if I’ll be strong enough to accept the destiny that I’ve always been meant for.


The Inhuman Chronicles #4
First published April 2014

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Three weeks ago, I lost half the people I cared for most in the world, and I didn’t know how to even continue my life. But then I started seeing visions from beyond the grave—or more literally, inside the grave. Jake and I visited the cemetery late one night, and we uncovered a whole new level of paranormal madness, one that’s altered all we thought we knew about life and death.

While dealing with that new mess, I’ve also got a few other problems. Like, you know, kidnappers, my own body’s transformations, and a werewolf who seems really interested in both me and my mother. Some nasty family secrets are meant to stay buried...but I’m going to do my best to dig them up.


The Inhuman Chronicles #3
First published November 2013
Second edition published January 2015

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There’s no easy way to say this...and believe me, I’ve been searching for one for days. So I guess I’ll just have to blurt it out: I’ve been seeing visions of my boyfriend’s brother, dead in my arms. (See? Sounds awful no matter how you say it.) I’m not sure how to tell Nathan about my visions, or even if I should. I’m afraid of how he might react. And besides, telling someone makes it scarier. Makes it real.

On top of that mess, a group of Guardians, protectors of the paranormal populace, just showed up. They have a dire warning for Luke, one that apparently involves matters of life and death, but refuse to tell the rest of us what’s going on.

And there’s yet another problem. Because the only way to fix things...yeah, it may be with the worst choice I’ve ever had to make—the death of one of my closest friends.

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First published December 2014

"A quick, interesting read. Keeps your attention.
Lots of action in a believable world."
— reviewer

Ten years ago, the world ended.

Fifteen-year-old Mia lives with her mother in an underground colony, where they have food, shelter, and protection from the ravenous creatures that roam the planet. Life in the colony is perfect…except for a law that states that all women from ages sixteen to fifty must give birth to as many children as possible to help repopulate the earth.

And Mia’s about to turn sixteen.

Mia’s mother doesn’t want that kind of life for her, so she convinces Mia to escape, disguised as a boy, and embark on a treacherous journey to meet up with her cousin Caleb. Mia’s guide is a mysterious traveler named Derek, and together, they must fight their way across the frozen wasteland and discover, despite the horrors necessary for survival, what type of people they truly want to be.


The Inhuman Chronicles #2
First published July 2013
Second edition published December 2014

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My life’s pretty much been turned upside down, these past couple days. First, there’s that whole thing where I found out I’m a teenage witch. And now I’m having these weird visions about some guy with a knife, who seems determined to butcher me on a cold metal table. On top of THAT crisis, a certain eccentric vampire named Luke wants to teach me witchcraft, my boyfriend Nathan’s acting weird, and my annoying housemate Jake is acting even weirder. Also, it seems very possible I’ve started seeing dead people. Just lovely, isn’t it?

Secrets are uncovered, friendships betrayed, and that psycho with the knife is closing in for the kill. Time’s running out, and I’ve got to try to decipher my visions before it’s too late...


The Inhuman Chronicles #1
First published March 2013
Second edition published November 2014

<img src=”” alt="Caitlin Hensley” /> name’s Haily Long. Here are a few facts about me that you might find interesting:

1) I’m sixteen
2) I’m an absolute slave to coffee
3) My mom and I just ran away from home
4) And oh yeah, my new neighbors—they’re vampires

Yeah, that last one’s kind of a surprise for me, too. I mean, vampires? That are real? This is real life, not fiction! And seriously, have you ever heard of a vampire who wears a bowtie and glasses? A werewolf who sits around reading books in trees? Sounds like I’m telling you a joke, right? Well, I’m not. It’s all real. And sadly, so are the Really Nasty Monsters who happen to be chasing after said neighbors. They’re bad news, they’re apparently pretty powerful, and guess what? Now they’re after me too.

Sounds like it’s going to be an interesting few days...

What readers are saying...

"I don’t normally read YA, but I picked this book up and found myself really enjoying it. The prose was clear and polished, and the narrator was a wisecracking, headstrong young lady….I found myself laughing out loud more than once…”
~Rachel A. Brune, author

"Caitlin has crafted a story line that is engrossing, definitely catches the attention, and left me wanting even more! With the hint of a love triangle to come as well..."
 ~Dominique Goodall, author

“…Shades and hints of so much untold history for each of the characters that I doubt Hensley can fit everything into ten books….Her characters are real, they have lives, issues, and depth. You WANT to get to know them, as much as you want to know what the heck is going on in their world…”
~Jiva Fang, author

“Family drama, danger, and maybe a budding romance.…I was really intrigued by the mythology Hensley has created for her supernatural characters. She's got her own little twist on werewolves, vampires, witches, and shapeshifters...” 
~Christina Moore, author

“It was so easy to bond with these characters, and (Hensley’s) writing style makes you feel like you are right there with them…” reviewer

“I have read numerous books of this genre from many more famous authors. (Paranormal Legacy) would have to rank near the top of the heap. For only the second published work by this young aspiring writer, it was exceptional.” reviewer

"I found myself so involved in the book that I forgot to eat dinner, and I find myself slightly sunburnt from not wanting to stop reading long enough to just come inside..." reviewer

“Fun fact #1: Generally speaking, I’m not exactly in love with the paranormal genre. But then there’s Fun Fact #2, which is a bit hard to reconcile with Fun Fact #1: I’m a big fan of Paranormal Legacy. If you’ve read the book, though, I’m pretty confident that makes sense. Paranormal Legacy wasn’t just another paranormal book to me, and that mostly comes down to the characters. They made me laugh out loud—they’re flawed—they’re lovable—they’re frustrating—you never quite know what Haily’s going to do next. Basically, they’re real. And the plot doesn’t hurt, either—instead of focusing on paranormal stuff, the main obstacle comes from a very human situation, which allows the characters to be people instead of just stereotypical roles. It also lets the book be a book, instead of just another typical addition to the genre. And that, plus all the laughing I mentioned earlier, is how you can shrug off the entire paranormal genre, and still find a book called Paranormal Legacy wizard.

No pun intended.”
~Jenna Blake Morris, blogger/writer

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First published September 2013
Second edition published December 2016

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Seventeen-year-old Nick is a werewolf, and so is his older brother Craig. They’re two of the last werewolves alive in North America, and have been on the run for four years, struggling to stay one step ahead of the deadly Hunters. With armed goons following their every move, they can’t let their guard down, not even for a second. But there’s a problem…because even though Nick trusts his brother completely, Craig hasn’t told Nick everything.

Together, with help from their new friend Rose, Nick and Craig must fight for survival in a world that’s completely against their existence. Because the only thing stronger than hate, distrust, and betrayal is the bond of brother and wolf. 

What readers are saying...

"I have only just begun to read this book and was sucked in from the very beginning. In just the beginning of the story Ms. Hensley has managed to weave a very intriguing story line with the delicate and wonderful sort of detail that I love so much. From the very beginning the characters are compelling and leave me wishing for more…”
~Heidi Nicole Bird, author

"...The slight romance that occurs between Nick and Rose is amazing, and the way in which the relationship between Craig and Nick changes isn't too quick, which I enjoyed. Well done, Miss Hensley! I want to read more about these two!"
 ~Dominique Goodall, author

“I was seriously impressed with the writing ability of this young author. With a seamless flow, Caitlin weaves a desperate tale captivating the reader immediately. I love the storyline and the characters. Can't wait for her next book.” reviewer

As a preface, I'm not really into werewolves or vampire stories. They really aren't my thing. But I wanted to see what this book was about and I wasn't disappointed. Together Alone is a well-written story about two brothers who are both werewolves - the last ones on Earth. They have spent years running from hunters who were desperate to kill them. Who wouldn't run? I know I would be running and running as fast as I can. The only problem - they end up transforming and well, now I can't give it all away, can I?

Caitlin does a fantastic job keeping the reader interested in the story, wanting to find out what happens to these two men, I mean, werewolves. The writing is done well, the descriptions of the scenery, the action, all of it was done quite well. Most definitely will be recommending this short read to others and plan on reading other works by this author.

This book receives 5 of 5 stars!” reviewer

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